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Methawee Portrait.jpg
Methawee Angthong, Founder - BLACK SUGAR

BLACKSUGAR was born from a vision of individuality and the desire to create unique clothing. The brand reflects a commitment to self-expression and artistic freedom, standing as a testament to those who dare to be different. With a focus on being creative, outstanding, and contemporary, BLACKSUGAR defines its own space in the fashion world.


The essence of BLACKSUGAR lies in its distinctive design philosophy. Each piece in the collection embodies a creative, free-flowing silhouette achieved through experimental fabric manipulation. The brand’s avant-garde deconstruction style, characterized by asymmetry and rebellion against conventional forms, sets it apart. The signature black and white palette further enhances its memorable and unique identity, making it truly outstanding in the realm of contemporary fashion.


BLACKSUGAR’s strength also lies in its meticulous pattern-making techniques and choice of materials. By using densely woven fabrics like cotton and nylon blends, the garments not only offer durability but also feature distinctive structural integrity. Each piece is designed to make the wearer feel confident and standout, embodying the brand’s commitment to creative quality and originality.


More than just a fashion label, BLACKSUGAR aims to be a symbol of personal expression and artistic freedom. The brand’s innovative designs and dedication to craftsmanship strive to earn recognition and admiration in the fashion world. By continuously pushing the boundaries of design while maintaining high standards, BLACKSUGAR aspires to remain a name known for blending contemporary art with wearable fashion, celebrating creativity and uniqueness in every piece.

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